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Good Luck Coins
Each package contains three coins and are given as gifts to encourage wealth and prosperity in all sectors of your life.

The three coins come with envelope, auspicious red ribbon and information card.

Joining the coins with the ribbon and your own knot forms an infinite loop and activates a never ending source of prosperity and good fortune.

The act of giving the coins spreads happiness and good luck to those who receive them.
Good luck coins for prosperity, wealth & happiness.
Feng Shui Good Luck Coins
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Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection
This two sided statue represents protection and attraction of wealth.

One side of the Golden Cat of Abundance is smiling and holdings its left paw up which represents good fortune and the attraction of money to you.

The other side of the Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection features a cat with an expression of warning and holding a broom, the cats paw is raised to ward off evil energy. The broom symbolizes insight and wisdom and is believed to have the power to sweep away worry and trouble.

Cats can also see in the dark and offer protection against evil spirits as they can frighten away spirits with bad intentions.
Chinese symbol of abundance and protection.
Feng Shui Golden Cat
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Three Legged Moon Frog
The three legged frog (or toad) is very much the symbol of good fortune and wealth.

The three legged frog (sometimes known as Chan Chu) with the good luck coin in its mouth when placed inside the front door and facing into the home will, according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui methods, bring about positive changes to your life and prosperity.

This Chinese symbol is also associated with longevity. The addition of the coin in the frogs mouth adds additional emphasis to prosperity.

The Three Legged Moon Frog is available in Gold or Dark Rose finish and comes complete with a good luck coin in its mouth.
Feng Shui for longevity, prosperity and wealth,
Feng Shui Three Legged Frog
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The Golden Pigs
This cute and beautiful pair of golden pigs denote great prosperity and happiness to a household. The pig is the symbol of human virtues such as tolerance and honesty. The pig is a creature that signifies initiative and diligence. You may place the pair of golden pigs in the Southeast for prosperity or the East for family relationships.

The Golden Pigs are sold as a pair.
Prosperity, tolerance and family happiness.
Feng Shui Golden Pigs
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Dragon Turtle
The dragon turtle is one of the best representatives of a long and prosperous life. A golden dragon turtle attracts prosperity to your business and improves relationships with those around you.

The turtle should be placed in the prosperity corner (South-east) of an office or business and facing towards the door.

The Dragon Turtle is available in a Gold or Dark Rose finish and comes complete with a good luck coin in its mouth.
Feng Shui symbols of prosperity - online shopping.
Feng Shui Dragon Turtle
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Feng Shui products information
Good Luck Coins is a family business which has provided quality giftware, bonsai trees and feng shui products for over 15 years.

The Good Luck Coins come packaged with envelope ready for gift giving, and the other Feng Shui prosperity and happiness products are gift boxed and ready for presentation.

All the Good Luck Coins feng shui products are available retail purchase or wholesale supply.
Positive feng shui products for wealth and prosperity.
Feng Shui product range
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