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Feng Shui - Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness & Love


    What is it?
    How do you get it?
    How do you recognise it?
    What do you do with it once you have it?

What is Prosperity?
Prosperity and abundance circulates through the universe and through all our is an never ending flow of giving and receiving.

Our inner world is formed by our perceptions of the outer world. We all see the world through our own personal window which is a reflection of our beliefs, interpretations and associations. These have been formed throughout our lives by our numerous experiences. Our prosperity is really a reflection of our thoughts.

How do you recognize Prosperity?
Many people only associate prosperity with financial wealth but true riches are of many kinds. Along with material wealth there is also love, friendships, family, health, knowledge and spiritual wealth.

How do you get Prosperity?
For prosperity to touch your life there is just one truth....Giving leads to receiving. Those who give, who are generous, who share their wealth whatever that may be know something greater; giving itself is real riches. By giving of your time, of your love, of your friendships or of your money you receive more inner satisfaction, happiness and peace.

What do you do with Prosperity?
Once you give a gift to someone, forget about it. Whenever you give something away, consider it a gift, and don't expect something in return. Give freely and from the heart. Give with the intention of making both the giver and the receiver happy.

  • If you want happiness then share happiness with all you meet
  • If you want peace then live a peaceful life
  • If you want love then give love freely and from your heart
  • If you want joy then give joy to others
  • If you have much give of your wealth
  • If you have little give of your heart
Lao-Tse on Greed:
    Continuing to fill a pail after
    it is full, water will be wasted
    Continuing to grind an axe after it
    is sharp will wear it away

    Excess of light blinds the eye
    Excess of sound deafens the ear
    Excess of sweets deadens the taste
    He who possesses moderation is
    lasting and enduring.
    Too much is always a curse
    Most of all in wealth

Feng Shui Symbols and Statues

Feng Shui Object - Good Luck Coins:
Giving three coins tied with red ribbon symbolises sharing wealth and luck. This is a very auspicious act and brings positive Feng Shui to both the giver and the receiver.

Feng Shui Object - Three Legged Moon Frog:
Very much the symbol of good fortune and wealth. The three legged frog with the coin in its mouth, when placed inside the front door and facing into the home will bring about positive changes to your good luck and prosperity. This symbol is also associated with longevity.

Feng Shui Object - Dragon Turtle:
One of the best representatives of a long and prosperous life. A golden dragon turtle attracts prosperity to your business and improves relationships with those around you. Place a golden dragon turtle in the prosperity corner (South-East) of an office or business facing toward the door.

Feng Shui Object - Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection:
The two sided Cat of Abundance and Protection is a unique Feng Shui statue. On the one side the Cat is smiling and holding its left paw up which represents good fortune and the attraction of money to you. On the other side the Cat is frowning and holding in its paw a broom. This symbolises protection and the broom is to sweep away worry and trouble.

Feng Shui Object - Golden Pigs:
A pair of Golden Pigs will bring great prosperity and happiness to a household. A symbol of honesty and tolerance the pig also signifies initiative and diligence. Golden Pigs are an excellent Feng Shui symbol when setting up a business or a new home.

Feng Shui Object - Fu' Lu' Sou (The three star Gods):
Three star Gods are the most revered of all Feng Shui deities as they represent Health, Wealth and Longevity.

Feng Shui Object - Bells:
The outside of your house is the perfect place for bells which ring out the coming of prosperity and good news. Small bells made of metal should hang outside the front door if it faces between the North and the West. Use crystal or ceramic bells elsewhere.

Feng Shui Object - Wealth Bucket:
Fill a decorative container made of metal with coins and place in the North West corner of your home of office. Keep the container inside a cabinet or draw. Do not display openly.

Feng Shui Object - Indoor Plants:
The South East corners are the place to display your indoor plants to enrich their wealth potential.

Feng Shui Object - Fish:
Goldfish are descendants of Koi carp which can live for over 100 years. Three gold fish in a bowl are a symbol of prosperity in the home. Statues or pictures of eight Koi carp are believed to invite good fortune into your home of business.

Ten Affirmations Towards Prosperity:
  • I have great worth just being myself
  • I deserve to be prosperous and wealthy
  • Money flows easily to me
  • Wealth enables me to more fully express my creative potential
  • Expressing my creativity allows me to be wealthy
  • Money and prosperity help me to help others
  • The more I give, the more I receive
  • I enjoy being paid for doing what I enjoy
  • I am willing to receive money for my pleasure
  • I am willing to allow my life to be fun and easy

Feng Shui Objects for Good Luck and Prosperity

Good Luck Coins for Feng Shui Prosperity

A lot of the important principles of feng shui are based on Taoism, the ancient religion of China. According to Taoist thought, the universe can be divided into two separate areas, matter and spirit, in other words things that you can see, touch and hold to things that you cannot.

Taoist philosophers called things that can be touched Yin (earth and matter) and they called things that were ethereal Yang (heaven). A good representation of this is the Lucky Chinese Money, the good luck coins represent Yang as the circle and Yin as the square sitting in the middle of the circle.

Feng Shui Bells for prosperity and good news.

Feng Shui Indoor Plants for wealth potential

Prosperity Giving, Sharing is a life flow cycle
Prosperity a never ending flow of giving and receiving.

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