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Give The Gift of Prosperity

Giving Good Luck Coins as Gifts
Good Luck Coins are a symbol of our power to create a more generous, welcoming world for ourselves, our children and our mother, the Earth.

Give - your time, your attention, your enthusiasm and your generosity. Give the gift of who you are.

Share - your resources, your wisdom and your skills and talents. Do this and you will prosper.

Prosper - your prosperity enables you to give again out of the resources that are yours and the cycle flows on.

Remember you only get what you give.

Feng Shui & Good Luck Coins
Feng Shui teaches that 3 coins bound with the auspicious red ribbon is a powerful symbol that brings prosperity and abundance. For centuries the three good luck coins inside a red envelope have been given to family and friends to wish loved ones true prosperity. The act of giving the good luck coins spreads happiness and good luck to those who receive them.

Giving also makes people feel good about themselves.

When you offer and share prosperity it will return to you. In sharing the abundance of the universe you gain valuable insight into enriching and enhancing your life.

By giving these lucky coins to your family and friends you are wishing them one of life's treasures.

When you order the Good Luck Coins you will receive inside the red envelope...three good luck coins, an auspicious red ribbon and an information card to give to your friend or loved one.

Activate a never ending source of good fortune
If you have received a gift of good luck coins, before you use the lucky coins you should tie them together with the red ribbon using your favourite knot... By doing this you personally activate your good luck coins enhancing the essence of their symbolic meaning.

Tips for using these Chinese good luck symbols of wealth and prosperity
  • Many people keep the good luck coins in their wallets and purses encouraging wealth and prosperity
  • Others hang the lucky coins from the inside of the door symbolising that prosperity has entered the house
  • Business people often keep good luck coins in the cash register or tape them to the front of important files they are working on
  • Keep your feng shui good luck coins in the prosperity sector in your home. A good Feng Shui manual will help you find this
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Prosperity Giving, Sharing is a life flow cycle
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Prosperity a never ending flow of giving and receiving.

Chinese feng shui products for prosperity and good luck.
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