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The Awesome Win in Megaball

This summer has definitely greeted us with some wonderful winning stories. This is the story of Mr. Joseph Ruiz. This man is just an ordinary citizen who won the total sum of $10,000 in the Mega Millions drawing on the 28th of August 2018 (it is possible that our lucky coins helped him in the winning). Winning numbers 3, 20, 34, 41 (where 20 was the Megaball) made the ticket he bought at Casey’s General Store the lucky one. ` Joseph Ruiz has been living in the Wichita region of Kansas for the last decade. He could not achieve any wins for a time. However, the man did not plan to give up. Well, that day finally came on the 28th of August.

Jackpot MoneyThe D’ day On that fateful night of August 28, lady luck smiled at Mr. Ruiz. Interestingly, he has to say ‘thank you’ to his beloved friend. Mr. Ruiz told that he had already come home that evening. However, his friend called him and asked if Mr. Ruiz had forgotten about the lottery which was going to be held that night.

Surely, he had not thought about the tickets and did not want to go out again. However, something went wrong and he decided to go to the store. The winner noticed that that very evening was not similar to the usual one. Apparently, before, he used to buy lottery tickets in the morning and visited another shop.

So, this case inspires him to change his daily routine and not to stick to habits. Fortunately for Ruiz, when he came to check his tickets the following morning, he could not believe his eyes! He found out that he is a winner. Still, he did not know how much he obtained. The man consulted with one of the clerks at the gas station who helped him print out the winning numbers. He just could barely believe his eyes when he saw the amount he had just won.

The previous night he had just carelessly matched four out of the first five numbers and the Megaball and he eventually won. Filed with joy and elation Mr. Ruiz unfolded his plans with his winnings. First of all, he wants to pay his debts and bills. Truly, lady luck still smiles beautifully to those who love risk. You can also try your luck and earn some money (or even win a jackpot!) at

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